Support & RMA Services

Total Support Services

IT LAB is able to provide total customer support solutions for any brand. Presales and aftersales services, from partners to end users. High availability of technicians every single day (365 days), ready to support any request.

We have a state-of-the-art helpdesk center, running around the clock, with highly trained personnel in answering phones or replying online. A fully cloud platform supports our helpdesk and RMA system, that connects our tech agents with the customers, providing real time inventory, tracking and reporting. A repair team could examine, test and replace or repair any device. Our fully barcoded warehouse could handle any stock. Our logistics center could deliver anything within 4-hours in Athens and next day to every part of Greece.

Our technical team could also support alpha and beta testing of devices and any R & D process. We are able to write or translate any guide or user manual. Organize workshops webinars or any training sessions needed. Certified engineers are available for hiring on demand or on contract for any project.