Company Profile

IT LAB’s success is based on human resources, our team as we call it, consisting of young technology enthusiasts.

Like any football team, we have the right players for each position. Strong technical department (defenders) intelligent software development department (midfielders) and flexible sales department (forwards). Everything under the guidance of a robust management (coach).

As you may have guessed, we like being on top and competing in a Champions League environment. In which league does your partner team compete?


Our vision is creating a virtual IT department (IT LABoratory) in every company!

Our goal is to provide premium services of excellent quality at affordable prices, for all of our business associates. We want to implement proper automation solutions, to enable our partners to grow their businesses by doing what they know best. Their job efficiently and hassle-free.


Our company founded after years of experience of its shareholders in information technology field, both abroad and Greece. Our motto was to create a company with high expertise and quality in technical support services.

International vendors from IT industry, trusted IT LAB to promote and support their customers in Greece, since 2006. By providing all the infrastructure of a large company (Sales & Marketing Department, Helpdesk, RMA Center, Repair Center, Logistics Center), IT LAB has a dominant place as a representation agency in Greece and Cyprus.

IT LAB also offers custom and on-demand IT solutions for international brands having a local presence.